Injured Passengers on Singapore Airlines Face Varied Compensation

Colson Hicks Eidson partner Curtis Miner was recently quoted in the Reuters article “Injured passengers on Singapore Airlines face varied compensation” to discuss the recent severe turbulence incident that passengers experienced on a Singapore Airlines flight and their eligibility for compensation. 

On the flight, one passenger died and the airline said 30 other passengers were treated for injuries. Under the Montreal Convention, the airline can be held liable for the accident regardless of whether the airline was negligent up to a certain level of damages. The jurisdiction where claims can be brought requires an analysis of the residence of the passenger, the routing of their air travel, and where their ticket was purchased.

Curtis Miner, who represents passengers in these types of incidents, commented on a previous case in 2013 where Asiana Airlines crashed in San Francisco and resulted in injured passengers with varying compensation because many were flying originally from various East Asian cities.  “The passengers were from all over the place,” said Miner. “So people who may have had similar injuries, some could bring their case in San Francisco but others who were not able to.”

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