$325 Million Arbitration Case in Latin America

Our client, a media owner in Latin America, received a $325 million award through arbitration. He owned a large share in a sizable business venture, and the majority owner was accused of fraud in the manner that he sold the business. As part of the arbitration, our client received his share of the business sale and all litigation was dismissed.


The commercial litigation lawyers at Colson Hicks Eidson are among the top trial attorneys in the country. In 2012, Chambers USA and Best Lawyers in America© honored many of our esteemed attorneys in the commercial litigation category.

We represent clients on a national as well as international scale in a range of commercial litigation issues. This includes business disputesbanking litigationfinancial fraud, lender liability, professional malpractice, insurance coverage disputes and bad faith claimspremises liability, negligent security, business torts like breach of contractconstruction, defamation, antitrust litigation as well as environmental remediation coverage.


Our trial lawyers have obtained numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts, judgments and settlements before judges, juries, and arbitration panels. This includes our work on behalf of these clients:

  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Architects and design professionals
  • Lenders and insurers
  • Individual plaintiffs

Several of our commercial litigation attorneys have been appointed to serve on national plaintiff steering committees for multijurisdictional cases. This includes the 2010 BP oil spill. Additionally, they served as court appointed receivers in actions brought by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


The business litigation attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson have extensive experience handling a range of business lawsuits. Our track record of obtaining successful settlements and jury verdicts for business clients includes cases involving the following:

  • Fraud
  • Breach of contract
  • Negligence and negligent misrepresentation
  • Interference with prospective economic advantage
  • Tortious interference with contracts
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Interference with employment relationships
  • Nuisance
  • Civil conspiracy
  • Malicious prosecution
  • …and more

This is not an all-inclusive list of the ways that business lawsuits arise. Our business litigation attorneys are standing by to discuss your particular case with you so that we can determine the best path moving forward for your situation.


Owning and operating a business can be challenging, and if you have to file a lawsuit against somebody over a violation of business law, you will become the plaintiff in the case. Handling this type of litigation on your own can be nearly impossible, particularly when you are going up against other businesses or well-funded individuals. It is crucial to have a skilled business litigation attorney by your side to ensure that you are treated fairly.

A qualified business litigation lawyer will understand the complexity involved with modern businesses and conflicts. A client will be able to trust their business litigation attorney at Colson Hicks Eidson to handle every aspect of their sensitive and critical claims. We have a track record of success handling these cases, and our passion revolves around providing a client-centered approach to every case.

A business litigation attorney will aggressively seek positive outcomes in an effort to end a case before a trial becomes necessary. Our lawyers have extensive experience resolving business litigation claims through alternative dispute resolution methods, which can include mediation and arbitration. When we work to calculate and structure settlements, our team looked at the overall insurance, tax, and regulatory implications that our clients might face. If a trial becomes necessary to resolve the business litigation issue, we will be ready to handle every aspect of the courtroom scenario.


  • Nation’s First Defective Chinese Drywall Jury Trial: In June 2010, the firm represented a Miami couple in the nation’s first defective Chinese drywall jury trial against Banner Supply Company. Banner Supply Company is a Miami-based firm that supplied the vast majority of Chinese drywall in Florida. Jurors found Banner liable for knowingly selling the defective drywall used in the couple’s home. They then awarded $2.5 million in damages. The verdict would later be instrumental in achieving a $55 million Florida class action settlement with Banner on behalf of homeowners. Additionally, the verdict led to an $80-million class action settlement with insurance companies for many of the builders and installers of the toxic material.

  • $325 Million Arbitration Case in Latin America: The firm represented a Latin American media owner who held a stake in a major media venture. Several lawsuits alleged that the majority owner of the venture committed fraud in connection with the sale of the business. The matter was then resolved in arbitration with the client’s investment in the business being purchased for $325 million. This also dismissed all pending litigation.

  • Landmark Verdict in Pathologist Case: The firm represented Florida Pathology Services in a “landmark case” for the nation’s health plans. A Miami-Dade Circuit Court jury awarded a $1.5 million verdict against Health Options, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida insurance plan, for withholding pathologists’ payments since 1999. The firm also represents pathologists in 11 similar suits involving more than $25 million in claims.

  • Breach of Contract: Colson Hicks Eidson served as co-counsel for the plaintiff in a breach of contract lawsuit against Able Telecom Holding Corp. After a five-week jury trial, the jury awarded $31.2 million including $30 million in punitive damages to the plaintiff.

  • Judgment against the Government of Aruba: The firm obtained a $19 million judgment in federal court in Miami against the government of Aruba on behalf of racecar promoter Ralph Sanchez in connection with a failed effort to build a racetrack in Aruba. The case was then settled.

  • Professional Negligence: The firm obtained a $9 million arbitration award against a “Big 4” national accounting firm for professional negligence. The accounting firm failed to provide competent accounting services. This then resulted in substantial losses for the firm’s business clients.


It is crucial to understand that there are various time limits in place pertaining to business litigation issues. Every state across the country is allowed to set time frames that stipulate how quickly plaintiffs need to file lawsuits. However, we do need to point out that the time frames are not the same from state to state, and different types of business litigation cases also come with different timeframes. For example, the statute of limitations for a fraud case is not likely to be the same statute of limitations for a case involving destruction of personal property or a contract violation claim.

In order for us to properly guide you towards filing your claim on time, please contact our offices to speak to a business litigation attorney who can analyze the facts of your case and your jurisdiction.


When you reach out to the business litigation attorneys at Colson Hicks Eidson for a free consultation of your case, you can be sure that you are turning to a team with the resources necessary to handle every aspect of your claim. Every case that we take is handled with confidentiality and professionalism. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or by calling us at 305-476-7400.

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