Pedestrians are quite vulnerable on the road. They must exercise caution accordingly.

Unfortunately, even careful and responsible people can be harmed in pedestrian accidents when motorists and others are negligent. Perhaps this has happened to you.

Review your case with a pedestrian accident attorney at Colson Hicks Eidson if so. We may be able to help you pursue compensation for your medical bills and other such losses.


Pedestrian accidents occur for many potential reasons. Often, they’re the result of negligence on the part of motorists engaging in such dangerous behaviors as:

  • Speeding
  • Not heeding traffic signs or signals
  • Not yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians
  • Not using headlights at night or in other low-light conditions
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving while drowsy

To recover compensation after a pedestrian accident, you will typically need to provide evidence showing your accident resulted from negligence. This is a task a pedestrian accident lawyer can assist you with.


The losses you might incur as a result of a pedestrian accident can be quite severe. This is due to the fact that pedestrians aren’t protected from harm via safety features like seat belts, airbags, and the steel frame of an enclosed vehicle, all of which offer some protection to drivers and passengers of cars when collisions occur.

You can seek compensation for your losses if your accident resulted from the actions or carelessness of another party. Losses for which you may recover compensation include (but aren’t necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Medical bills (including future medical bills if you will require ongoing treatment)
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The best way to determine what types of damages may be available to you in these circumstances is to schedule a consultation with an expert at a pedestrian accident law firm. They can answer any questions you may have about this matter.


Pursuing the compensation for which you may be eligible after being injured in a pedestrian accident resulting from someone else’s negligence can be challenging if you lack the necessary experience. At this time, you need to focus on your recovery. It’s easier to prioritize getting rest when a legal expert is handling your claim or lawsuit.

pedestrian accident attorney can assist you by:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation into your accident to determine who caused it
  • Interviewing witnesses, reviewing photos/footage, and gathering other forms of evidence to prove negligence
  • Reviewing your various compensable losses to calculate the potential value of your claim
  • Filing your claim or lawsuit according to a strict timeline
  • Corresponding with insurance adjusters, doctors, and other such parties on your behalf
  • Entering into negotiations if the insurance company’s first offers are unreasonably low

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