Class Action Lawsuit

FLORIDA CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ATTORNEYS $100 Million Recovery for Grave Desecration Our class action team achieved a $100 million settlement from Service Corporation International (SCI), a national funeral company, and its subsidiary, Menorah Gardens Cemetery. The case alleged that the companies buried families in the wrong graves, and the company agreed to compensate for the […]

Structural Collapse

MIAMI STRUCTURAL COLLAPSE ATTORNEY CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION Whether a client is injured on a construction site or is suffering financially from a breached real estate development contract, we have the skills to litigate construction cases. With the advances in building technologies, skilled architects and contractors, and quality of building materials, Miami residents should trust that the […]

Drunk Driving Accident

FLORIDA DRUNK DRIVING ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Alcohol-impaired drivers are a menace on the roadways in Miami and throughout the state of Florida. Statistics show that impaired driving crashes lead to a higher rate of fatalities than any other type of collision that occurs on the roadway. At Colson Hicks Eidson, our nationally-recognized team is here to help when you […]

Boating Accident

FLORIDA BOATING ACCIDENT ATTORNEY If there is anything ubiquitous to Florida, it is water and boats. Regardless of whether or not we are discussing personal watercraft or recreational water vessels, many people come to Florida to relax on the waterways or the ocean. Unfortunately, there are also times when boat accidents caused by the careless or negligent […]

Sightseeing Helicopter Accident Attorney

SIGHTSEEING HELICOPTER ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Sightseeing helicopters are popular tourist activities throughout the State of Florida as well as in many tourist destination areas in the United States. The last thing any person expects when they book a sightseeing tour on a helicopter is that they will be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, there are times […]

Hotel Accident

FLORIDA HOTEL ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Florida is a vacation capital for residents of the United States and visitors from other countries. Hotel owners and operators have a legal duty of care to provide safe premises for all of their guests. Unfortunately, there are times when the careless or negligent actions of a hotel owner or operator […]

Uber & Lyft Accident

MIAMI UBER & LYFT ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Uber and Lyft are both household names, and these rideshare companies provide a valuable service to visitors and residents throughout Miami and the surrounding areas. However, accidents involving rideshare vehicles do occur, and victims are often left wondering how to secure compensation for their losses. At Colson Hicks Eidson, our nationally-recognized […]

Electric Scooter Accident

MIAMI ELECTRIC SCOOTER ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Electric scooters provide various benefits to both visitors and residents in Miami. These little vehicles can be fun for recreational sightseeing, and they are also helpful for those who need to get from place to place over shorter distances and do not want to take a car. However, accidents involving […]

Texting and Driving Accident

MIAMI TEXTING AND DRIVING ACCIDENT ATTORNEY It is not uncommon to see drivers with their noses glued to their phones while they are driving down the roadway. While many people do not think twice about quickly checking their phone, the reality is that this type of behavior can lead to severe accidents. At Colson Hicks Eidson, […]

Dangers of E-Cigarettes/Vaping

VAPING & E-CIGARETTE DANGERS E-cigarette and vaping products have been on the market for over a decade now. Once touted as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes, vape products have now been linked to a rising number of lung diseases and deaths across the country. At Colson Hicks Eidson, our award-winning attorneys are ready to help if you or […]