Burn Injuries

FLORIDA BURN INJURIES ATTORNEY Being involved in an accident that leaves you with burn injuries can be a devastating experience. If this has already happened to you, you should know you may be able to recover financial compensation for your medical bills and related losses if your accident resulted from someone else’s negligence. Discuss your […]

Slip and Fall Accident

FLORIDA SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Slip and fall accidents can happen virtually anywhere. Premises liability laws require that property owners and managers take reasonable steps to guard against these accidents. Perhaps you’ve been injured in a Florida slip and fall accident because a property owner was negligent. Contact a Florida slip and fall accident attorney at Colson […]

Car Accident

FLORIDA CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Car accidents are relatively common in Florida. Even if you are a responsible driver, you may one day be involved in such an accident because a motorist with whom you’re sharing the road was negligent. Regardless of how your accident happened, in Florida, you often have the option of filing an insurance […]

E-Bike Accident

FLORIDA E-BIKE ACCIDENT ATTORNEY HOW DOES TIRE TREAD SEPARATION CAUSE ACCIDENTS? E-bikes have gained popularity in cities and regions throughout Florida thanks to the unique benefits they offer riders. E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are bicycles that have been equipped with electric motors. This adds a degree of propulsion that traditional bicycles don’t offer. Thus, e-bikes […]

Florida Insurance Law Attorney

FLORIDA INSURANCE LAW ATTORNEY At Colson Hicks Eidson, our Florida insurance law attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of insurance law. We have a strong background in high-stakes litigation and mediation, helping resolve challenging insurance claims and coverage issues. If you are an insurer or the insured and face difficulties handling a claim, our exceptional legal team […]

Bet-The-Company Litigation

BET-THE-COMPANY LITIGATION When Bet-The-Company Litigation lawsuits threaten your company, turn to the nationally recognized trial law firm Colson Hicks Eidson. Our firm has once again been recognized by “Best Law Firm” of 2022 for Bet-The-Company Litigation. We have the experience, skills, and resources to handle these kinds of complex cases. If your business is on the line, […]

Birth Injury

FLORIDA BIRTH INJURY LAWYER Your childbirth experience should be one to treasure and find joy in. But when you or your baby suffers a serious injury, it can have a dramatic impact on your lives for years to come. If your healthcare provider’s negligence caused your birth injury, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice […]

Catastrophic Injury

FLORIDA CATASTROPHIC INJURY ATTORNEY No one ever expects to suffer devastating, catastrophic injuries. When you have endured injuries of this nature, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and scared of what the future might bring. You might be critically injured, but you can still protect yourself and your family. When someone else is responsible for […]

Consumer Fraud

FLORIDA CONSUMER FRAUD ATTORNEY There are several different kinds of fraud one may be the victim of. A common form is consumer fraud. Consumer fraud occurs when a business engages in unethical practices, often deceptive in nature, that can result in an individual suffering financial losses. The most common targets of those committing consumer fraud […]

Multidistrict Litigation

MULTIDISTRICT LITIGATION ATTORNEY Multidistrict litigation, or MDL, has two defining factors: (1) only for civil cases, and (2) must be brought in federal court. The Federal court system uses this method to save time and resources but also to have consistent court rulings for separate lawsuits that involve vastly similar issues. Multidistrict litigation is the […]